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Sandwich Trays & Boxes

Fabulous gifts for yourself or a special someone, our collection of boxes, food trays and sandwich trays boasts beautiful items to dress any room with style and elegance. Featuring some of Royal Albert’s most iconic patterns, you will find the likes of Polka Rose for vintage glamour and butterfly-adorned pieces from Miranda Kerr. Keep your most precious items safe in our boxes and serve scrumptious food or sandwich's on trays or give a gorgeous sentiment.

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  1. Boxes (4)
  2. Serving Dish (2)
  3. Tray (2)
  4. Tray (9)
  1. Cheeky Pink (1)
  2. Miranda Kerr (3)
  3. New Country Roses Pink (1)
  4. Polka Blue (3)
  5. Rose Confetti (1)
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